Prof. Elham Kashefi

  • Directrice de recherche au CNRS, LIP6 Sorbonne Universite
  • Personal Chair in Quantum Computing, School of Informatics University of Edinburgh
  • Co-founder VeriQloud Ltd
  • Group Leader
  • Focus
    • Quantum Cryptography, Hardware Security, Quantum Internet Protocols, Quantum Cloud Computing, Verification of Quantum Technology, Experimental Implementation of Quantum Protocols, Foundation of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Parallel Computing, New Models for Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation and Learning


Kaushik Chakraborty

Hybrid PUFs, QEnclave, Qqantum hardware tokens, QEnclave and PUFs.

Mina Doosti

Hybrid PUF, quantum pseudorandomness, unitary identification & its application to QPUFs.

Ross Grassier

Classification of Lie algebra space-time (super) manifolds, verification of analog quantum devices quantum computer architecture.

Jonas Landman

Quantum neural networks and their applications, unsupervised quantum machine learning and interested in quantum advantage in QML using VQC.

Jonathan Miller

Programming research, algorithm efficiency, analysis and planning, numerical simulations and mathematical modelling, developing quantum-classical hybrid protocols.

Debasis Sadhukhan

Verification protocols on current available quantum devices combining with QEM simulations of many-body systems using near-term quantum algorithms.


Armando Angrisani

Quantum local differential privacy, PAC quantum source coding and limitation of quantum machine learning under the noise disturbance.

Constantine Dalyac

QML with graph kernels for MIS on neutral atom quantum device.

Marine Demarty

Development of new easy-to-compute bounds on noisy output of variational quantum circuits.

Paul Hermouet

Unclonable cryptography primitives, relations between unclonable encryption and single decryptors and copy protection.

Dominik Leichtle

Quantum Cryptography, Post-Quantum Cryptography, Delegated Blind Quantum Computing, Verification of Quantum Computing.

Yao Ma

Hybrid PUFs (crypto analysis and simulation), QEnclave, quantum pseudorandomness, learnablility of RC/ quantum cryptography with hardware assumption.

James Mills

Stochastic Pauli channels, coherent errors, quantum error mitigation, photon loss and error characterization.

Léo Monbroussou

Quantum potential speed-up of combinatorial optimization solvers for AUV path planning. Interested in quantum convolutional neural network (QCNN) and ecoding methodologies in QML.

Abbas Poshtvan

Theoretical analysis of capacities of the covariant Pauli channel and practical design for (noisy) QPUFs using the pseudo randomness by t-design.

Slimane Thabet

QML with graph data, topology based atomic devices devlopingh Hamiltonian designs.

Sean Thrasher

Exponential increase of energy level in system Hamiltonian and quantum computation using adiabatic theory.

Bo Yang

Benchmarking of IBM Quantum devices, efficient quantum readout error mitigation, extension of generalized subspace expansion. Interested in QEM in near-/middle-term era and beyond, quantum error mitigation zoo and quantum programming language design.


Joe Harris

Quantum computing methods and research.

Kasra Masoudi

Quantum computing from a mathematical approach.

Mohsen Mehrani

Communication science.

Hela Mhiri

Theoretical aspects of QML, quantification of quantum advantage learning methods o quantum experiments.

Chirag Wadhwa

Quantum machine learning, simulation of Hybrid PUFs and state identification.


Theodoros Kapourniotis (Warwick)

Security, Delegated Computing, Verification.

Michael Oliveira (INL)

Cost evaluation of boolena functions by non-adaptive MBQC methods, quantum complexity theory and verification.

Harold Ollivier (INRIA)

Quantum error correcting codes, quantum cryptography and quantum networks.

Chinte Liao

Quantum Internet Engineer at VeriQloud focusing on benchmarking of quantum protocols using NetSquid.


  • Sima Bahrani (Research Associate)
  • Ieva Cepaite (Masters and Project Student)
  • Flaviu Cipcigarn (Project student)
  • Alexandru Cojocaru (PhD student)
  • Léo Colisson (PhD student)
  • Brian Coyle (PhD student)
  • Constantin Dalyac (PhD student)
  • Raphael Dias (Visiting PhD student)
  • Julien Du Crest (Project student)
  • Mahshid Delavar (Research Associate)
  • Ellen Derbyshire (PhD student)
  • Tom Douce (Postdoc)
  • Leonardo Disilvestro (Masters and project student)
  • Vedran Dunjko (Postdoc and PhD student)
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Emeriau (PhD student)
  • Patric Fulop (Project student)
  • Alexandru Gheorghiu (Postodc, PhD and Master student)
  • Matty Hoban (Postdoc)
  • Borislav Ikonomov (Masters student)
  • Marc Kaplan (Postdoc)
  • Theodoros Kapourniotis (Postdoc, PhD and Master student)
  • Pia Kullik (Project student)
  • Niraj Kumar (Research Associate)
  • Shane Mansfield (Postdoc)
  • Martin Marinov (Project student)
  • Rawad Mezher (Research Associate)
  • Daniel Mills (PhD student)
  • Luka Music (PhD student)
  • Anna Pappa (Postdoc)
  • Einar Pius (PhD and Masters student)
  • Shraddha Singh (Masters Student)
  • Phivos Sofokleous (Project student)
  • Artin Tajdini (Intern)
  • Iskren Vankov (Project student)
  • Petros Wallden (Postdoc)