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About Qantum Computing

What to expect

Expectation & Discovery

Quantum Computing and Communication is expected to deliver capabilities that are highly relevant for business. It will also be a platform for new scientific discoveries and progress.

Planning & Early Adopters

It is key to understand the types of capabilities of QC that will be available on different timescales. Our team has engaged with early adopters in science and business.

Awareness & Application

We ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the needs of research communities. We have developed several novel techniques and methods to carry us on this journey.

About Edi-Par Quantum

What to expect


What are we up to?

Both in UK and France as part of the recently announced national quantum technology program, we have an exciting opportunity to build a world-leading position in both the research and delivery of quantum computing and communication to end users.
National Program
Within our team, this effort encompasses the investigation of a broad range of platforms, with an integrated software and hardware research programme.
The research programme will be designed to deliver across the ‘full stack’ required for a quantum computer as well as a quantum network.
Full Stack
To capture the wide-ranging potential of the emerging quantum information processing technology sector.
Capture Potential


Where we are currently focused

High Level Focus

Four focuses interlaced together. See our complete list of publications.